Bottle Stopper Fairy Lights x 1m


Bottle Stopper Fairy Lights x 1m

1 metre of warm white LED fairy lights attached to a bottle stopper – upcycle a favourite bottle and make it into a welcoming Boho light feature!

The silver coloured bottle stopper fits snugly in the top of your bottle, while the lights below twinkle through the glass to create a cosy atmosphere on a wintry night. The diameter of the top of the bottle stopper is 2.1 cm, narrowing to 1.7cm (the narrower part sits inside the neck of the bottle) and is 10cm in length.

  • Battery powered using 1 AA battery (not included)
  • 1 metre of beautiful warm white LED lights with on/off switch (20 lights)
  • Check your bottle size against the measurements above
  • Find more gorgeous party decorations here

Please note the LED lights are non-replaceable and keep out of reach of young children.

LED party string lights x 3m


LED party string lights x 3m

60 cool white LED Table Lights

These elegant lights are the perfect table decoration for all occasions. But why stop at tables?  These LED table lights can be used for almost anything due to the bendable metal that holds them together.

  • Battery powered using 3 AA batteries so no plugs required
  • 3 metres of beautiful little LED lights with power pack attached at one end with on/off switch (60 lights)
  • Perfect for adding a cool bright glow to outdoor parties, Christmas and Wedding tables, or use to frame the cake and windows!
  • Coordinate with the Marvellous Metallics party collection

Please note batteries are not included and the LED lights are non-replaceable