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Handmade LEGO Head Pinata
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Handmade LEGO Head Pinata

LEGO Head Pinata Party game

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A Pinata is a traditional Mexican party game, now gaining huge popularity in the U.K. Ours are handmade from papier-mache, crepe paper and a lot of passion!

Fill it with sweets and treats, hang it up and using a stick (and often a blindfold is used) the party guests take it in turns to whack it until the pinata breaks open and there is a mad scrabble for the treats!

True to the ethos of Fabulous Partyware, we do our best to source unique, handmade products. This LEGO head pinata has been handmade in Southern Ireland by 'Ruth' from 'Pinatas Pinatas'. 

  • All ages can play but due to the energy required, we advise from five years plus
  • Treats must be purchased separately 
  • The pinata is direct dispatched from Southern Ireland so please allow 4-7 working days for your delivery
  • See the whole LEGO inspired party collection of tableware and decorations here 



Size: 40cm x 30cm
Age: Best suited Age 5+
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