Handmade Happy birthday Star Pinata


Personalisable Pinata

A Pinata is a traditional Mexican party game, now gaining huge popularity in the U.K. Ours are handmade from papier-mache, crepe paper and a lot of passion!

Fill it with sweets and treats, hang it up and using a stick (and often a blindfold is used) the party guests take it in turns to whack it until the pinata breaks open and there is a mad scrabble for the treats!

This Happy Birthday star shaped pinata has been handmade in Southern Ireland by ‘Ruth’ from ‘Pinatas Pinatas’ and can be personalised on the back

  • All ages can play but due to the energy required, we advise from five years plus
  • Treats must be purchased separately
  • The pinata is direct dispatched from Southern Ireland so please allow 3-7 working days for delivery
  • Please enter the name of the birthday person in the comments section upon checkout



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