Moustache and lips party blowers x 4


Moustache and lips party blowers x 4

A fabulously fun and funky party blowers set with 2 designs; black curly moustache and brilliant sparkly red lips (2 of each design in each pack of 4 party blowers)

Everyone knows that the moustache design is so on trend this party season so grab yourself a few packs and party away!

Perfect for an adults birthday party occasion but also great for children’s and teenage birthday parties too!

  • Supplied in packs of 4 which fit perfectly in your hand bag for a night out
  • Can be used as party bag fillers for boys and girls birthday parties
  • Throw in a few moustache and lips Belgian chocolate lollipops for a bit of edible photo booth action!
  • Plenty more other party games and accessories can be found here


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